Canal Street: Chinese Tea Room
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Canal Street -- Chinese Tea Room,

Basel, Switzerland, 2015



ArtsRouge participated in an independent art project curated by Klaus Littmann parallel to the Art Basel 2015, where an installation of Chinese essence is elaborated in the Littamnn’s “CANAL STREET” where artists take part in an old factory hall to construct independent project in each separate space, participating artists are Franz Burkhardt, Jim Whiting, Oliver Sturum, Brad Downey etc. Presenting a dynamic street made up by various artists in its individual rooms, the Canal Street composes a fascinating old fashioned street in its original form. ArtsRouge brought Tea Room into this western old style street, where the tradition of China is presented in diverse forms: Tea ceremony, Incense ceremony, as well as Chinese traditional artist Ma Long performed during the week of the 46th Art Basel period. Afterwards, all the last day items will remain as it is for the rest of the exhibit as still life. Canal Street will continue to be in action until February, 2016.



The project received a wave of applause from the public, critics and journalists, exemplifying the pure art form still can co-exist along with the excessive commercialization of the art and art market, or even better restore what art is supposed to be.