Xiaokun Sunny Qiu
  • Xiaokun Sunny Qiu

  • Miss Qiu holds a B.A degree in Art History and Studio Art. She studied at New York University, U of Western and Herstmonceux Castle outside of London. She also holds a Mater degree in Art Business from Sotheby's Institute of Art, New York.  A certified Fine Art Appraiser from NYU and the American Association of Appraisers, specializing in Contemporary Art.


    Murphy and Partners Director (Greater China)

    Founder/Chief Curator of "Muse in Common" Series Public Art projects, China

    Board member of Hawaii Biennale

    Director/Curator of the N America Caribbean Art Island

    Curated Arne Anaquiz's tallest sculpture in Dongguan, China, 2015           

    Curated "Canal Avenue" in Basel, Swizerland, 2015           

    Public Installation "Real Fiction Cinema", China Tour 10 cities, 2015-2020                     

    Director of China Ancient Art Museum Project , ongoing         


    Miss Qiu has lived the past 15 years outside of China, mainly in New York City, and studied in Canada, New York and London. She has worked for many prestigious organizations in the international art industry; in addition to working professionally with world class artists and art professionals around the globe. She is an entrepreneur and art aficionado, also an art adviser for various art organizations, private collections, and corporations in China and abroad. Her vision is to create one of a kind art projects around the world in collaboration with artists and extraordinary concepts.

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