Alexandre Orloff
  • Alexandre Orloff

  • A unique former Senior Swiss Private Banker, multilingual in English, French and Russian, for over 20 years, Alexandre Orloff has since metamorphosed into a global Patrimonial Engineer and Private Advisor servicing the tailored Family Office needs of the elite. He epitomizes the highest grade of Swiss premium services offered to his demanding high net worth clients as being their discreet confidant and executor. His European and Middle Eastern “guanxi” or network is broad and deep thanks to his experience and integrity drilled by the long generational traditions, especially trust and honor, transmitted by his paternal lineage of the Orloffs that served the Russian Czars, and his maternal lineage, Princess Fadia, daughter of the last King of Egypt, King Farouk. Thanks to Alexandre’s extensive personal contacts with discreet private art collectors, he enables their introductions and development of exchanges, especially amongst the Europeans and Chinese. Such discreet art advisory exchanges among newly introduced private art collectors, enable Alexandre to suggest, plan and propose the desired bridges to connect such art lovers trans-continentally. His dream is to enable more Europeans and Asians to meet and share their appreciation of each other’s art and culture as the future leaders and guardians of cultural fusion in the fine arts. Alexandre is an integral part of our global partner team for multiple ventures which ArtsRouge is launching.


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